Preparing For A Lifetime . . .

We understand that financial planning and wealth management mean different things to different people. The question is, what does it mean to you?  If youíre not sure, or havenít yet given it much thought, the good news is Candace Colescott is here to help you find out.  Itís a practice, a philosophy, a strong belief, based upon her  28+ years experience in the financial planning and management industry, that the best way we can work together is by exploring with you those ideas you have about your life, family, goals and aspirations today . . . and your priorities for the future.

After concluding an 18 year career as vice-president of Bank of America Investment Services, Candace joined Manhattan Beach-based Marquis Financial  in February, 2007.

Whether you subscribe to Candaceís monthly newsletter or attend one of her workshops, itís about understanding what youíd like to work towards  financially over time and how, through comprehensive wealth planning, we can help you do it.

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